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Renata Carlos Daou

(Hi! Hola! Ciao! Salut!)

I am a journalist currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in data journalism at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, and graduating in August 2024. At Columbia, I am currently expanding my skill set by delving into data visualization and analysis. I mainly work with the Python libraries Pandas, Playwright, and BeautifulSoup for web scraping, QGIS for geographical analysis, and DataWrapper for data vizualization.


I also graduated cum laude from Pennsylvania State University in May 2023 with dual bachelor's degrees in International Politics and Broadcast Journalism, as well as minors in Global Security and Middle East Studies.

You can find my best work in TV reporting, published articles, academic papers, and other relevant work on this website. Additionally, my current resume is available under the resume section.

In the summer of 2022, I was an editorial intern for the Malala Fund, where I supported the Communications and Creative team. I conducted research, interviewed girls from all over the world, and collaborated in the editorial process for Assembly, Malala Fund's digital publication and newsletter. This experience strengthened my interest in promoting equality and social justice, and I am eager to continue advocating for the voiceless in the future.

Growing up in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, and serving as a member of the International Student Council for two years has given me a unique perspective on global issues. During my time at Penn State, I traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to report on immigration issues. I utilized my language skills to connect with Latino reporters in Scotland, which led me to interview a parliamentary assistant specialist in migration and experiences of displacement at the Scottish Parliament. Additionally, I conducted man-on-the-streets interviews in Govanhill, a neighborhood with a high immigrant population, to gather first-hand accounts of migration. These experiences deepened my passion for global communications and strengthened my commitment to advocating for underrepresented communities.

I am eager to leverage my skills and experiences to contribute to a company that shares my passion for promoting equity and fostering global connections. 



New York, NY





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